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  1. What a view on VIEW! Such a concept. All too often, I am also the one who questions why, and who does not choose to see the situation through God’s eyes. We won’t always know the ‘why’ even when we are trying to change our view, or see the purpose in different situations. I pray that you grow into the view that you are looking to have… I need to grow into the same thing 🙂

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  3. stopped by and read your girls’ stuff, too! what fun, to do this together.

    i think it was beth moore who once said about the verse Jesus wept that perhaps he wasn’t weeping for his own sorrow at the death of his friend, but rather for his sorrow at what he was going to ask his friend to leave when he raised him from the dead.

    talk about a point of view, eh?

    • Oh, that is really an amazing thought! Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for stopping by both here and at Desperate Homeschoolers. It really has been fun to do this with the girls!

  4. I have also asked these tough questions from our Pappa God. But as I grew older I reallzed that He gave uo everything for us to become a human and to die for us. Even though Jesus is God, He still took a body like ours when He came down to earth. The more I realized what He gave up for us, the less my questions became.
    Happy FMF

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